WOD 12/21/16


Coach Led DROM


Push Press


* * Pick a comfortable working weight for 10 reps, then load up to a heavy single, then back down, back up, etc. Don’t try and set or match a 1RM. Push a heavy single!! **

** Rest 2m between sets **


800m Run, Then:

Deadlifts (225/155)
Pull Ups

Then: 1000m Row


800m Run, Then:

Push Press (135/95)
Bar Muscle Ups

Then: 1000m Row


Coach Led Cool Down

 War of the Centurions

It has been brought to our attention that people are having some reservations about signing up for the in house competition for a few different reasons. To clear things up a little, we wanted to remind people about being able to compete in the scaled division regardless of how long you’ve been doing Crossfit. Every workout will allow you to scale accordingly, if you need a band for pull ups then use one, if you need to do step ups instead of box jumps that’s fine too.

If you are currently doing Rx programming during CFC classes, you should compete in the Rx division.

Coaches are encouraged to compete and will be competing along side the Rx competitors however they will be scored separately and have their own podium spots.

Registration ends January 1, 2017 so make sure you get signed up. Registration sheets are still located on the front counter.

We want to reiterate that if we don’t get at least 40 athletes competing we will have to cancel as there will not be enough people to have the event. Currently 10 people have signed up and 8 of those have paid.

This will be a great experience and everyone will walk away with something. We want to encourage everyone to participate and compete!!!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask Kevin, Nicole or any of the Coaches.

Follow us on Instagram @warofthecenturions and Facebook for our comp sponsors and updates!!

Mobility Class

Coach Nic has mobility class this Thursday at 530 PM!!!

Christmas Eve Schedule

CFC will only run the 9 AM class on 12/24. No Open Gym at 10 AM.