WOD 1/10/17


10m EMOM

2 Hang Sqt Clean + 1 Jerk

Rest 3m


1 Clean & Jerk



10 DB Snatch/Arm (35/25)
10 Box Jumps
300m Row



10 DB Snatch/Arm (55/35)
10 Box Jumps
300m Row


5m Rolling Out

War of the Centurions

We are only a couple weeks out from our in-house comp! We have an incredible prize list, swag bags for all competitors, and awesome workouts to challenge yourself with!

Comp day is 1/21/17. Registration will open at 7 AM and the first workout will kick off at 9 AM! We expect to wrap things up by 3 PM and then it’s beer-thirty!

We still need volunteers to help out during the event. Even if you can’t do the whole day, a few hours will help tremendously. It won’t be much – counting reps and moving some equipment around for events. Please sign up on the roster at the front counter and then let Kevin or Nicole know if you can volunteer ASAP. They need to order shirts for the athletes and volunteers within the next day.

Jump on it and take part in the fun one way or another!

New Clients

If you have friends or family who enjoy working out and challenging themselves, now is the perfect time to bring them into CFC and make them part of the Red & Black Machine!

Let us know via email if you have someone you’d like to bring in for a trial class and we can get them started on the road to better health and fitness for the new year!

Don’t keep the CFC secret to yourself – make your friends and family part of the fun!


CFC’s Member of the Month


“Rowdy” Rebecca P-Dizzle Purd-dog. Or the artist formerly known as YOURMOM.


Not sure. Lost count last millennium. I am immortal so these things tend to get away from me. Or you know………….. 38, in human years.

How long have you been doing CF?

Long enough that “is snatch paleo” and “jerk” jokes are no longer funny to me. ( AKA 2 years).

What made you join?

I drank the kool aid when my typical body building type routine was not longer cutting it and I saw that my insanely athletic and nimble roommate wouldn’t stop taking about CFC and all of the amazing people who worship at the alter of fitness there!  I knew it was a place with a true sense of community even before I started there. Also the first rule of Crossfit is to always talk about Crossfit. Hello have you heard the good news?????

What changes have you seen since you started?

I have developed the ability to shoot spider webs from my wrists and run around the world at faster than the speed of light. People call me the Flash spider.  I am one of the most revered in the marvel world.

ALSO with the combination of heavy lifting and the use of the RP diet I have dropped significantly in body fat percentage and have seen excellent GAINZ in overall strength!!!

Advice for new CrossFitters?

ABC. ALWAYS BE CLEANING. Coffee is for Cleaners. CLEANERS ARE WINNERS. First clean then Jerk.

What is your favorite movement?

I love the Olympic movements. Also I love lamp.

What is your favorite WOD?

Anything with heavy Olympic movements. Or heavy lamps.  Did I mention I love lamp.

Least favorite movement?

RUNNING…..AND BURPEES. Why god why doth thou cast upon us the cardio purgatory that is burpees?!!!

Least favorite WOD?

Anything that is not Cleans, Snatches or jerks. Cardio…how bout Cardi-NO. Hahahahahahahahahahahah. LAUGH AT MY JOKES PLEASE!!

Favorite cheat meal?

Pizza and beer from the Fair oaks brew pub. Also the hearts of my vanquished enemies are quite tasty when served Ala mode.

What do you enjoy doing outside the gym?

Traveling, reading, drinking beer, playing with my wiener (dachshund), crusading for social change, protecting the weak, righting injustices, romantic interludes and long walks on the beach. (The foregoing was copied and pasted from my profile on various dating sites. YOU’RE WELCOME!).

What is one fun fact about you?

I have seven toes on my left foot. Both my arms are sleeved in tattoos of Donald Trump locked in an epic battle with Hilary Clinton allied with Hall and Oates for the future of America.  Also I love my mom’s Mazda. Only one of those is true. YOU GUESS WHICH ONE IS FACTUAL.  THAT’S WHATS FUN.

What inspires you?

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

bright cooper kettles and warm woolen mittens

Brown paper packages tied up with string.

Add a little background info about yourself:

Seriously, I love to travel. Nothing brings me greater joy than an adventure to an unknown (to me) land. Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, foods, and customs. I love viewing the world from someone’s else’s perspective. It gives me greater insight to my own place in the world. And for those who have truly traveled, not just vacationed, you know how physically taxing it can be. CrossFit makes me a better fitter traveler, and that makes me happy!