WOD 1/16/17

**This Week’s Schedule**

-Due to the MLK Holiday on Monday we will only have 10 AM, Noon and 430 PM classes.
– Due to the War of the Centurions event on Saturday we will be setting up on Friday night.     We will run 615 AM, 10 AM, Noon and 430 PM only.
– Saturday we will be holding our in-house competition. No scheduled classes.


Back Squat – 5×4


100 Double Unders, then:


Deadlifts (185/135)
Pull Ups

Then, 400m Run


100 Double Unders, then:


Deadlifts (225/155)
Pull Ups (CTB)

Then, 400m Run


5m in Squat Position Stretch


War of the Centurions in-house competition!

The time is upon us! This Saturday we will  be hosting our in-house comp! Registration will start at 7 AM and the first event will kick off at 9 AM. We will be in full swing until about 3 or 4 PM and wrap up with the awards ceremony. Please come down and support your fellow CFC athletes and/or volunteer to help judge, even if only for few hours!

Game on!

WotC Event Taper

People often ask me what the best course of action is to prep for an event while training. An easy taper I’ve used for years that works for any competitive event/sport, is as follows:

Monday – 90% effort
Tuesday – 70% effort
Wednesday – 50% effort
Thursday – Off (Recovery day/low heart rate/stretch/roll)
Friday – Short Row Intervals (4x500m Row – 2m rest between -or- 4x1000m Assault Bike)
Saturday – Event Day

** Don’t do anything that will cause long-term soreness or injury, especially after Wednesday.
** You will not make any improvements to your metabolic capacity or strength in 5 days, so ease up and just keep moving without breaking something.
** The Friday intervals are meant to be very short and intense (80% effort). This session is meant to prime the nervous system, get the muscles firing, and prep the body for the following day. It is not an all-out effort, but should be hard and should not make you sore or induce major fatigue that will hinder recovery (hence why we don’t do sprinting intervals for this session).
** Eat and hydrate properly beforehand. Maintain intake of small amounts of protein with slightly more carbs between events for optimal event-to-event recovery!

2017 CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit Games Open registration has opened! The Opens are the first step towards Regionals and the CrossFit Games, and regardless of ability level it’s a great way to have fun and become part of the competitive community of your gym and the CrossFit community as a whole. We urge folks to take part in the Opens and put their best effort forward, even if they are just tackling the events for fun! We will set up our in-house judging schedule later in the month and let folks know when they can tackle the Open events at CFC. The Opens will run from 2/23 – 3/27.  Registration/info can be found at http://www.games.crossfit.com !

Ivan’s Army We have a very strong contingency of athletes at CFC. For once, we are all in the same place and the same time and uninjured. I would really like to see a large group of our competitive CrossFit athletes take on the 2017 Opens with a dedicated and serious tone – RX and Masters. It’s time we step back up to showcase our talent and dig deep to make an impression we haven’t been able to in a while. Get prepped, focused, stay injury free and crush some souls!