WOD 1/23/17


Back Squat – 5×3
– Small Increase
Sets Across (There’s a really scientific reason as to why we do this for overall progression and continued strength increases. Read the hyperlink)


100 Double Unders, Then:

50 Wallball (20/14)
10 Manmakers (35/25)
500m Row
30 Wallball
10 Manmakers
1000m Row


100 Double Unders, Then:

50 Wallball (30/20)
10 Manmakers (55/35)
500m Row
30 Wallball
10 Manmakers
1000m Row


Roll / Stretch

War of the Centurions IV

The in-house CFC comp was yet another huge success! We had a great time and got to watch our people dig deep, push themselves, and find new boundaries! A huge thank you to Coaches Kevin and Nicole for running with this years event and putting together a flawless day. Thanks to all of the sponsors who took the time to take part in this event either by coming by or by donating prizes and swag to the competitors. A very big thank you goes out to Paul Goyette of Goyette & Assoc. Law Firm for their continued support of CFC and contributions to the gym, our vision, and our events!

Lastly, thank you to all of our athletes who took part in the day, our volunteers who made the day run as smooth as chicken lips, and all of the supporters who came by to cheer on their CFC peeps!

Our podium places in all the events were:

Scaled Women
1-Gabby Goyette
2- Elyce Gunsch
3- Rhea Singh

Scaled Men
1- Neeraj Chahaun
2- Ryland Shriver
3- Josh Lapchuk

Masters Women
1- Caroline Davis
2- Tina Forbeck
3- Elizabeth Long

Masters Men
1- John Helton
2- Jerry Spencer
3- Mark Diamond

RX Women
1- Liz Turansnki
2- Staci Kowallis
3- Dao Tran

RX Men
1- Mike Hardenburgh
2- IDean Farid
3- David Grigoryan

Coaches Women
1- Taylor Fletcher
2- Shannon Coughlin
3- Jess Byers

Coaches Men
1- Brad Alexander
2- Matt Gaudy
3- Steven Gunsch

As soon as we get more pix, I will get them posted and share them with the world.

Our CFC athletes at the end of the day! Another kick ass event and community gathering!!