WOD 1/31/17


10m EMOM

3 Position Snatch
– Tall
– Hang


4 Rounds

400m Run
12 DB Snatch (35/25)- Total
15 Pull Ups


4 Rounds

400m Run
12 DB Snatch (55/35)- Total
8 Bar Muscle Ups


Accumulate 5m in Plank position


Congrats to CFC member, Prabin Thapa on becoming one of the newest additions to the United States Navy! Prabin originally hails from Nepal and has been stateside working in the tech industry for the past few years. Several months ago after becoming a US citizen, Prabin told us he wanted to serve his country and join the Navy! Thanks to a renewed level of confidence and fitness he attributed to CFC, Prabin did just that and made his dream a reality! Congratulations, Prabin! We are very proud of you !!