WOD 2/3/17


1-7-1 KB Swing Breathing Ladder (45/25)
** Do 1 swing, rest taking only 1 breath, do 2 Swings, rest taking only 2 breaths…so on until you get to 7 swings/7 breaths, then go back down the ladder the same way. Don’t hold your breath during swings, breathe normally**


Deadlift – 5×2
-Small Increase
-Sets Across



15 Swings (55/35)
10 Box Jumps
5 Burpees



15 Swings (70/55)
10 Box Jumps
5 Burpees


Band Stretch
– Low Back
– Hamstrings
– Glutes

CFC Member of the Month – February 2017


Name: Bob Door

Age: 60

How long have you been doing CF? 4, almost 5 years.

What made you join? My son initially encouraged me, and I first declined, then he said he’d pay for it.  That got my attention and I signed up. No regrets whatsoever.

What changes have you seen since you started? Weight loss, and over all fitness. The biggest change was in my attitude and energy. I no longer take the easy or most comfortable path, nor do I give up easily. Being fit allows me to be able to serve and help others.

Advice for new crossfitters? Listen to the coaches, be coachable, lose the ego, and set goals for yourself. The community aspect at CFC is awesome.  Not only are you being watched and coached by outstanding coaches (in my case Ian, Allison, Brad and Reno), your classmates also look out for each other and provide tremendous support, and encouragement. We have some nutty buddies at the o’dark fifteen class, and I enjoy them all!

What is your favorite movement? Deadlift, and rowing is a close second.

What is your favorite wod? Any wod with deadlifts, and rowing.

Least favorite movement? Burpees!

Least favorite wod? Anything with burpees!

Favorite cheat meal? I pretty much grazed on “see-food” from Thanksgiving through New Year’s but now back to eating cleaner. Typically the regular cheat meal is Friday night pizza.

What do you enjoy doing outside the gym? Time with my family, pets, volunteering, and traveling.

What is one fun fact about you? I am a volunteer Chaplain with Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Sacramento (LECS).

What inspires you? People inspire me.  Particularly, those who seek improvement and they push through obstacles to meet their goals.  I don’t have much patience for whining and excuses.

Add a little background info about yourself: I grew up in the bay area, played water polo and swam. During college I did some cycling and triathlons. Graduated from UC Davis. Met my lovely bride at Club Med in Cancun, and we have two really spectacular kids. I also work full time for the State of California where I manage a few teams.