WOD 2/10/17


3 Rounds

20 KB Stiff Leg Deadlifts (35/25)
15 KB Goblet Squats
10 KB Swings


Deadlift – 4×2
– Increase
– Sets Across


20m EMOM

A) 12 DB Snatches (35/25)- 6/side
B) 20 Double Unders
5 Pull Ups


20m EMOM

A) 12 DB Snatches (55/35)- 6/side
B) 20 Double Unders
5 Pull Ups (CTB)


Coach Led Stretch
– Low Back
– Shoulders

Open Gym Times

We routinely try to hold Open Gym hours on Saturday from 10-1130 AM and on Sunday from 10-1100 AM. That being the case, we request that if you plan on coming to Open Gym, you be there no later than 1015 AM. This ensures the coaches staying over on their own volunteered time are not being hung out to dry and changing schedules when someone decides to wander in at 1050 AM as the coaches are getting done cleaning up and getting ready to leave. This may change their personal daily plans and is plain disrespectful. Be on time and be swift about it – the coaches have things they wish to do on their weekends also, and it doesn’t always involve CFC. Any further issues like this will likely result in the Open Gym times going away as the coaches will decline to host them. Thank you – Crazy Ivan.


Crazy Ivan and the AlleyCat will be on vacation from 2/12-2/21/17. We will be unavailable for contact and will only sporadically be checking emails. All classes will be run on a normal schedule unless an emergency arises. Any last minute changes to the schedule will be posted directly on the CFC Facebook page. Please be on time, keep the gym clean and put away your equipment, take care of the bathroom, and be respectful to the coaches. If you are bringing in a friend for a trial class or wish to try a class at CFC, please stand by until we get back in town and can properly facilitate the trial class. Please direct all operational questions/concerns to Coach Shannon in our absence. Thank you!

CrossFit Games Opens

The Opens will soon be upon us! I urge our athletes to read up and sign up at www.games.crossfit.com and take part in the worldwide event! We would love to see a large contingent of people to tackle this years Opens!

CFC will also be hosting judged Open events on Saturdays! For those who registered for a score on the international leaderboard, this will be where you have to be judged and make it count. More info to follow!


Paige’s consistency and commitment to CFC have taken her a very long way since she started with us several months ago!!