WOD 2/18/17


800m Jog – 0r – 1000m Row


30m EMOM

A) 10 Swings (55/35)
5 Pull Ups
B) 150m Row
C) 15 Wallball (20/14)



30m EMOM

A) 10 Swings (70/55)
5 Pull Ups
B) 150m Row
C) 15 Wallball (30/20)


4 Rounds – Team Suitcase Carries
** 2 person teams – Start at one end of the mats. 1 person holds a plank while partner walks down with HEAVY KB in right hand, switches to left hand, and walks back to partner. Partners then switch roles. Focus is on unilateral core, so walk upright and brace! **


Crazy Ivan and the AlleyCat will be on vacation from 2/12-2/21/17. We will be unavailable for contact and will only sporadically be checking emails. All classes will be run on a normal schedule unless an emergency arises. Any last minute changes to the schedule will be posted directly on the CFC Facebook page. Please be on time, keep the gym clean and put away your equipment, take care of the bathroom, and be respectful to the coaches. If you are bringing in a friend for a trial class or wish to try a class at CFC, please stand by until we get back in town and can properly facilitate the trial class. Please direct all operational questions/concerns to Coach Shannon in our absence. Thank you!

President’s Day Schedule

We will ONLY be running at 10AM, Noon and 430 PM class on 2/20/17!! Get in and get some!


David looking strong in the RX men’s category!