WOD 2/24/17


3 Rounds
10 Ring Rows
10 Stiff Leg DL (45/35)
10 Air Squats


Deadlifts – 3×8
– Deload Week
– Sets Across
– High Tempo


20m EMOM

A) 4 Manmakers (35/25)
B) 10 Swings (55/35)
5 Box Jumps


20m EMOM

A) 4 Manmakers (55/35)
B) 10 Swings (70/55)
5 Box Jumps


Coach Led Stretch
– Low Back
– Hip Flexors
– Hamstrings

CrossFit Games Opens at CFC

We will be holding semi-formal competition/judging sessions for the 2017 CrossFit Games Opens at CFC every Saturday from 10-1130 Hours. Athletes should show up at 1000 Hours, get warmed up, and we will start the show at 1030 Hours.

Even if you are not registered for the global leaderboard, you may take part in the WOD. Registered athletes will be given judges and priority for going first, though. In all honesty, for the sake of having fun, I’d recommend registering and taking part in the worldwide CrossFit Games Opens. Go to http://www.games.crossfit.com and register!

For those not wanting any part of the Opens, regular open gym will still be available, however, Opens athletes will take priority on space and equipment. If you have questions, please contact Crazy Ivan or the AlleyCat.

Programming Question

I recently received a very good question from one of our long-term strong female athletes regarding the issue of “sets across” and “progressive loading” in our current strength cycle. Some of you may be unaware about how it works, why it works, or the other nuts and bolts. I may have dropped the ball in explaining the process to ensure progress and success, so here is a little education Q & A for you!


I was hoping you could help me with the new programing. I have read and understand the reasoning of “sets across”. I am the annoying person who needs numbers, more accurately a percentage of one rep max, to work with. I have been increasing as we were before. But where I will struggle is the de-load week (apparently this week). I keep track of my numbers and I can not be trusted to go “willie nillie” with what I think is right. Is there some place to find that? Or, do you have a weight amount to decrease ( 5lbs, 10lbs, 20lbs…). Thank you.


So here’s the skinny on sets across, for starting purposes and deload weeks.

If you are starting a lifting cycle, in our case 6 week long cycles, we start the initial starting cycle at 70-75% of 1 Rep Max. This ensures you have some time to build up and make continual small increases over time, which in our case is about a 3 month long cycle with this current program.

If you stall out at some point, we drop you down about 10-15% and ease back on the gas. We try to avoid the stalling issue with deload weeks.

In the case of the deload, we want athletes to be working at about 55-60% of their 1RM for the initial deload week. Yes, it seems light, but it’s meant to be. We are working on easing up tension and strain on the muscles and joints, and increasing lactate threshold/muscular endurance. A totally different exposure for the musculature and nervous system to work through.

As the overall program continues, the next cycle of strength will pick up with a small increase of where you left off in the initial start up week of the strength program. In other words, Week 1 & Week 7 are related. When you start Week 7, you make a small increase off of the loading in Week 1. Same goes for Week 2/Week 8, etc, and then the deload Week 6/Week 12.

This is the reason a journal is so important. Without it, the numbers are a constant guess. The journal also helps a knowledgeable coach in case the athlete gets stalled out or is running to low/high too soon.

Hopefully this makes sense. If not, let me know and I will try to draw pictures.


Mark is in the zone!