WOD 3/27/17


3 Rounds

100m Jog
20 Air Squats
10 Push Ups


Back Squat – 5×3


4 Rounds

10 Overhead Squats(95/65)
10 Pull Ups
500m Row


4 Rounds

10 Overhead Squats(135/95)
10 Pull Ups (CTB)
500m Row


5m in Squat Position Stretch
Roll Out  – Hips, Low Back, Quads

Total Nutrition Supplements!

CFC’s own AlleyCat is here to remind you we will have Jake Iturralde from Total Nutrition in the house all evening on Monday (3/27) to answer questions about Total Nutrition’s supplements, what they can do for you, and for dietary guidance. Jake’s degree is in nutrition and he is happy to help clients establish a new way of eating and make changes for the better. Jake will be at the gym on a monthly basis, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get dialed in and have him keep tabs on how things are going for you and what you may need to change! Be there and get some knowledge!!!

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