WOD 4/3/17


3 Rounds

100m Jog
20 Air Squats
10 Push Ups


Back Squat – 6×2



5 Rounds

9 Thrusters (95/65)
11 Pull Ups
200m Run


5 Rounds

9 Thrusters (135/95)
11 Pull Ups (CTB)
200m Run


5m in Squat Position Stretch
Roll Out  – Hips, Low Back, Quads

Crazy Ivan and AlleyCat will be in SoCal this week from Thursday-Sunday. Please play nice, keep the gym clean, be on time, and we will get back to you with any questions/concerns upon our arrival!

CFC’s Member of the Month

Name: Rich Maxwell

Age: 48

How long have you been doing CF? 6 years

What made you join? I was introduced to Crossfit while going to the Sheriff’s Academy and enjoyed it. I wanted to keep doing Crossfit after the academy and found CFC.

What changes have you seen since you started? My strength and cardio endurance have increased.

Advice for new CrossFitters?  Concentrate more on your form, than the time it takes to complete a wod, or the weight you are using.

What is your favorite movement? Presses.

What is your favorite wod? I don’t have a favorite wod.

Least favorite movement? Burpees

Least favorite wod? Again I don’t really have one, they all kind of suck.

Favorite cheat meal? Pizza or anything with chocolate.

What do you enjoy doing outside the gym? Traveling, golfing and riding my motorcycle with my wife.

What is one fun fact about you? I used to ride bulls. I wasn’t any good, but I had fun doing it.

What inspires you? To stay in shape to the job I have. I am old man just trying to survive in a young man’s game.

Add a little background info about yourself: I was born and raised in Sacramento. I graduated from Sacramento high school and joined the Marine Corps at 17. I have been married to my wife since I was 22. I have been a business owner, mechanic, assistant pastor, and a Deputy Sheriff.