WOD 4/24/17


500m Row
30 Air Squats
20 Push Ups


800m Run

Thrusters (95/65)
Sit Ups (25)

400m Run


800m Run

Thrusters (135/95)
Toes to Bar

400m Run


5m in Squat Position Stretch
Roll Out  – Hips, Low Back, Quads

Todays WOD: Taking Responsibility and Showing Respect

Lately the AlleyCat and I feel like we are banging our heads against a wall – a freshly painted wall, if you like puns. We work ridiculously hard at running this gym on a day to day operational basis. We coach classes, we are the computer people, we are the accountants, we are the janitors and maintenance staff, and somehow in there we try and be an athlete, parent, full time cop, and have time for each other. We have taken on a lot of projects for 2017 at CFC to make the place look sharp, clean and welcoming. That’s been shown in recent painting, a major pull up rig addition (Thank You to PB Electric & Paul Baker!!) and more projects are coming. What pisses us off to no end is when we fix things then come in a couple days later and find them broken again. This means holes being made in the drywall from people rolling out with a lacrosse ball (don’t do this on drywall – use the concrete walls!) to damaging equipment, and damaging our new paint jobs. So let’s have a talk…..

Pic 1 – After AlleyCat spent literally 135 minutes vacuuming and mopping all mats and green floor and carpets in the gym on Thursday, we walked into another 2 hour cleaning session on Friday morning. This included walking into the bathroom hallway and seeing that someone made a protein shake, shook it up with a loose lid and splattered it all over the newly painted walls and floor. Then had the courtesy to not even clean it up. To whomever did that, we send out a heartfelt thank you for that. There’s no way to pretend this happened and someone didn’t even know, it’s just that no one cared. That meant we got to find it a day later, try and get the now concrete substance off the wall with soaking and scrubbing, and subsequently damaged our paint job in the process of cleaning it. Rad….

Pics 2 & 3- Trust me, I get things are going to get worn out and marked up. But two weeks in, and we have the new grey wall with gnarly scuff marks on it from the plastic on Oly shoes or Nike Metcons. Now, I leave some scuff on there when I do HSPU, and I do a lot of them, but they are minor since I am not crashing into the wall like a bug on a windshield and they are at head height. How the hell there are scuff marks running all the way from head height to the ground is absolutely beyond me. If you are doing HSPU and falling down the wall and leaving those kinds of marks, then you really shouldn’t be doing HSPU and you’re going to get injured and be a liability to me. If you need to learn, I will teach you how to do them properly.

Someone else surmised they were from “wall walks”. That’s a stupid movement unless your training to be spiderman, and once again, I have no idea how/why the hell people are sliding down the wall. I did a handful as an experiment and amazingly not a single scuff mark. If you can’t do them properly and/or you’re that tired you’re collapsing in a pile, don’t do them. To top this off, that is an industrial epoxy based paint. It’s supposed to be tough as nails, yet those scuffs aren’t coming off and someone crashed into the wall so hard in one place it actually took a good size chip out of the paint!

All we are simply asking is that people have some common courtesy and respect for the gym, it’s equipment, and the owners. Put yourselves in our shoes and think of someone doing this in your house. Take care of the place, put things back, clean up your messes and all will be fine and make the environment much more enjoyable for everyone. Thank you – Crazy Ivan