WOD 5/5/17


400m Jog, then:

3 Rounds

7 Bent Over Bar Rows (45/35)
10 Stiff Leg DL (45/35)


Deadlift – 4×5×75% 1RM


20m EMOM

A: 7 Thrusters (95/65)
B: 10 Burpees


20m EMOM

A: 7 Thrusters (135/95)
B: 10 Burpees over Bar


2m Superman Plank
1m Cobra Pose

Fight 4 Life Fundraiser

Our 2nd Annual Fight 4 Life fundraiser for PTSD treatment for public safety personnel is coming up! This year’s event is scheduled for June 24th at CFC! Last year’s event raised almost $20k to go to the First Responder Support Network (www.FRSN.org) More info on registration and the workout will be coming soon!

In the meantime, we have sent all CFC members an email regarding the event and our request for sponsors. If you didn’t get it, please check your email spam folder. We will be sending out the email a couple more times also. If you have questions, please contact Allison for information about how you can help make a difference in the lives of our public safety professionals!

CFC’s Member of the Month

Name: Shawna Biava

Age: 47

How long have you been doing CF? 6 1/2 years

What made you join? After I turned 40 it was time to do something for myself

What changes have you seen since you started?  More energy, I’ve leaned out, found muscles I didn’t know I had. Crossfit is a personal growth journey disguised as exercise.

Advice for new crossfitters? You have to clean up your eating if you want to see changes in the gym

What is your favorite movement? Overhead squats or deadlifts

What is your favorite wod? Anything with rowing

Least favorite movement? Running

Least favorite wod? Anything with running

Favorite cheat meal? ice cream

What do you enjoy doing outside the gym? Snow skiing, waterskiing, camping, traveling

What is one fun fact about you? I was on the Sac State waterski team in college

What inspires you? Strong women who balance work, family, and still have time to take care of themselves

Add a little background info about yourself: I’m a wife and mother to three kids. My husband Don and I have been together for 17 years.  We live on property in Wilton and I love country living.  I grew up in Cupertino and moved to Sacramento for college. I have been in the wellness industry for 10 years working for the Juice Plus Company and have been able to stay home with my kids for the last 8 years. We recently bought a vacation home in Truckee and try to get up to our mountain heaven as much as possible.  I lost both my parents this last year and really feel like CFC has become my family!