Allison’s Bio

In 2008, Allison and her husband, Ian, opened CrossFit Centurion in their garage. They started small and continually grew through organic growth via high quality training. CrossFit Centurion was one of the very first CrossFit affiliate gyms in Sacramento and remains the largest and most respected in the local area and in the CrossFit community!

Allison is a certified CrossFit Level 2 coach, a certified CrossFit Kids Level 1 Coach, has attended the CrossFit Endurance Trainer’s course, CrossFit Nutrition course, CrossFit Scaling course, and is an attendee of Catalyst Athletics Olympic Weightlifting course. Allison demands perfection from her clients and has no room for excuses. Combined with her great personality and attitude, Allison is able to change her clients lives for the better!

Allison coaches the Monday AM/Noon classes, Tuesday AM, and other specialty classes at CFC.

Allison is a mother of two boys and a former Realtor who not only works full time as a mom and wife, but oversees the administrative duties at CFC as well as being a regular trainer on the CFC gym floor. Allison is a former softball player and motocross racer with a natural ability and enjoyment of sports!

Allison found great success with CrossFit after the birth of her second son and has endeavored to pass on her gift of fitness to other people. Combining the Zone, the Paleo diet and CrossFit, Allison lost large amounts of weight, improved her self-image and confidence, and became fitter than ever before. Allison routinely proves that women are capable of much more than they think and she challenges women to strive for excellence and reach for new goals each time they step into the gym.

Allison is incredibly strong and a very capable athlete. Her ability to work hard and push through mental and physical barriers have given her a new outlook on her life and made her a role model for other women. Allison competes in various CrossFit events to put her fitness to the test and provide her with an outlet to showcase her physical abilities. Allison’s passion and strength in the gym is in the Olympic lifts, where she excels in mental and physical fortitude.