Crazy Ivan’s Bio

The man known as “Crazy Ivan” has been involved with CrossFit since the early 2000’s while working in Santa Cruz. Crazy Ivan has coached and trained with the CrossFit methodology for the past 12 years and along with his wife, Allison, opened CFC in 2008. CFC was one of the original CrossFit affiliate gyms in Sacramento and remains one of the largest and most well respected, locally and in the CrossFit community.

Crazy Ivan is a long time student of human performance and exercise science and certified CrossFit Level 2 coach. Crazy Ivan is a certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Trainer, a USAW Level 1 Coach, has attended the CrossFit Nutrition, CrossFit Scaling Course, and CrossFit Endurance Trainer’s seminars and is CPR/AED certified. Crazy Ivan handles all CrossFit Centurion programming utilizing a scientifically based periodized template, prescribes personalized strength programming for CFC clients and is a regular trainer on the CFC gym floor. Crazy Ivan also conducts the “Centurion Strength & Conditioning” seminars to assist other coaches and gyms in developing a more efficient and effective S&C program for their clients.

Crazy Ivan coaches the Monday AM/Noon classes, Tuesday Oly Lift AM Classes, and other specialty classes at CFC.

Crazy Ivan is a former elite cyclist, having raced in Europe and U.S.A. among some of the top names and faces of the cycling world in the 1990’s. Crazy Ivan also wrestled in high school and college. He currently remains competitive in adventure races and in other sporting ventures, competing in CrossFit competitions in Northern California as well as having competed in the CrossFit Games and CrossFit Games selection events.

Crazy Ivan has spent the past 20 years as a Law Enforcement professional, working for the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Dept. (Patrol, FTO and SWAT) and currently, the Sacramento Sheriff’s Dept. Crazy Ivan has spent the past 6 years on the department’s Special Enforcement Detail (SED / SWAT) where he supervises the unit as one of the Team Leaders. Prior to this, he spent spent 6 years as a K9 handler. Crazy Ivan has worked other assignments in patrol, as a Field Training Officer, narcotics investigations, and as a tactical instructor, all of which round out his ability to work towards creating fitter and healthier Public Safety professionals.

Crazy Ivan also teaches/consults SSD Department members as a member of the SSD Health & Wellness Team, using Zone, Paleo and CrossFit principles as his emphasis. This program has been tremendously successful and many SSD personnel have reaped the benefits of improved health after consultations with Crazy Ivan!