Rob’s Bio

The Infamous “Buddy Holly”.

All kidding aside, Rob is a very smart guy with a great personality and ability to relate and deal with people very well. Rob’s focus is strength work and he is responsible for getting folks into personalized strength programs. Don’t let that fool you though, Rob can take part in MetCon based workouts and hold his own. Rob also holds a CrossFit Level 1 Certification, is a USAW Level 1 Coach, and coaches the Saturday morning classes.

Rob comes to us via the U.S. Marine Corps where he was responsible for…well, we aren’t really sure what Rob did, but he takes orders very well and doesn’t know the meaning of “quit”. Apparently Rob, shot at things and got tattoos, but it made him a fine young man.

Once out of the military, Rob spent several years working for a local legal firm as a process server (aka: hired muscle). After this stint, Rob joined the Sacramento Sheriff’s Dept. and has been there for the past 15 years. He is responsible for something, he shoots at things, gets tattoos, does some legal stuff, and is still “hired muscle”. Rob is also a full-time detective for SSD.

As an athlete, Rob likes to lift VERY heavy objects and try feats of athleticism often called “pure insanity”. Rob is presumably good at marching and rucking and has lifted other heavy objects since he was a wee lad, although not with as good of form as he acquired from the incredibly knowledgeable Jedi masters at CFC. Rob loves bicep curls and running…OK, maybe not the running part, but he can row like hell – seriously! Rob is also the evening class heckler, Twinkie supplier, makes up WOD’s that would make a SEAL cry in fear and is responsible for all general mischief at CFC.

Rob is committed to making people strong and forcing them to drink lots of milk.