Tianna’s Bio

Tianna is a certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and is continually working to improve her skill set and knowledge base within human performance, sports and health to assist her clients in reaching their goals. Tianna is a regular competitor in CrossFit competitions and coaches Tuesday PM Olympic Lifting clinic sessions.

Tianna is a full time firefighter for the Consumnes Fire District in Elk Grove. Tianna came from a weightlifiting and strength athlete background and had competed and won several Police and Fire Games “Toughest Competitor Alive” competitions. In late 2009, Tianna found CrossFit Centurion as a means to improve her abilities in the TCA. Tianna never looked back and soon found herself fitter, faster and stronger than ever before, despite years of “focused” training at Velocity Training Center. Tianna took that new found strength and ability and channeled it into CrossFit competitions and the TCA where she has made a showing for herself with victories and standout performances as a very strong athlete and competitor.