Membership Rates

No quality product is ever cheap. If you think a CrossFit gym is like the local globo-gym, think again. Quality CrossFit affiliates run their gyms so that all clients get hands on, personal training in a group setting each time they walk in the door. At CrossFit Centurion, your workouts are pre-programmed two years in advance on a 6 month periodized template, so you don’t have to guess at what to do. You will be run through group warm-up sessions, instructed & coached through skills or strength sessions prior to the conditioning workout, where you will receive feedback and correction the entire time, and a post workout stretch session. You are coached, not trained. Our prices are competitive among local affiliates and are well worth every penny in what you gain mentally and physically.

We currently offer a monthly Unlimited rate, a discounted bulk package, and drop-in rates. We offer a discounted 10% rate for LEO/Public Safety/Teacher/Spouses.

Monthly Membership Rate:

Unlimited Visits- $ 155/Mo.

Bulk Package (10% discount)
3 Months- $418
6 Months- $837
12 Months- $1674

Drop-In Rate: (Must have prior approval from CFC Mgmt)

$15 per Visit

Discounted Rates

We offer a discounted rate of $135/month for LEO/Mil/Public Safety, teachers and spouses of current members.

Incentive Program

Refer 2 people who join CFC on a monthly Unlimited membership plan and receive 50% off your next month’s dues!


If we are asked to reverse any charge to your account, there will be a $20 transaction fee. This will be done in all cases where the billing error is due to a client not communicating with us about dropping memberships, starting on a particular future date, making purchases, etc. in a timely manner and/or after the fact when the payment has already gone through.

For all billing errors that are the fault of CFC, there will be no additional fee.


– We do not “freeze” accounts. You either have a membership or you do not.
– We do not refund for ANY type of membership that didn’t get used or partially used. That’s stupid. You wouldn’t ask any other gym to give you back your money if you missed a month or had some other lame excuse for quitting, so don’t ask us either.
– We require a 30 day written notice of membership cancellation prior to your current dues being withdrawn. All reversals of payment will result in a $20 transaction fee to CFC.
– If you cancel your membership and choose to return at a later date, you will be reinstated at whatever the current membership rates are, not your old rate.

All rates are as of November 2016 and are subject to change.